Ask Us About Our Private Security Services

We can protect anyone, for any reason in surrounding areas of Dumas, TX

Are you concerned about your safety, especially in public? If you could benefit from private security services, A&B Bail Bonds of Dumas, TX can assess your needs and develop a customized plan to protect you when you're out and about in the area.

For example, our security team can...

  • Monitor your surroundings for potential threats
  • Conduct surveillance in areas of significant risk
  • Come up with emergency response protocols

If we respond to any incident for any reason, we'll generate a detailed report for you to review at your leisure. Call 806-930-3433 now to take advantage of our private security services.

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The safety of your guests will be our #1 priority

We provide special event security services within 60 miles of Dumas, TX, so you can feel confident hiring us to protect your guests. We may rely on CCTV cameras, access control systems and electronic security devices to quickly identify potential threats and enhance the security of your venue.

Our special event security team can also respond to medical emergencies if needed. Reach out today to learn more about our plan to keep your guests safe.