We Can Apprehend Fugitives in and around Dumas, TX

We're certified to provide prisoner transport and fugitive recovery services

If your client skipped town after being bailed out of jail, contact A&B Bail Bonds in Dumas, TX right away. We'll scour the entire Texas Panhandle, if needed, to recover your client and bring them into custody.

We provide fugitive recovery services to attorneys, families and other parties who are invested in bringing fugitives to justice. You can trust us to comply with all applicable regulations, including those regarding the use of a prisoner transport vehicle.

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Having more information can increase our chances of success

Why might your loved one have gone on the run? Do you think they went to stay with a friend or relative? The answers to these questions can help us track down your loved one. Once we know where to start looking, we'll employ all kinds of surveillance equipment to aid us in our search.

If you need prisoner transport or fugitive recovery services within 60 miles of Dumas, TX, turn to A&B Bail Bonds for assistance.